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Ages 1 Week to 5 Years Old

Discipline Policy

My philosophy on discipline consists of reinforcing positive behavior, rather than emphasizing negative. I believe discipline is an ongoing process. I set consistent limits based on common-sense rules appropriate to the age of the child. I work toward developing strong and positive self-concepts while providing a secure and understandable environment that the child can manage. I don't, for example, expect children under three to "share", but I do expect they can play along side of one another and develop social skills. If there is a conflict, limits are set in a compassionate tone of voice. With the younger children, distraction of utilizing duplicate toys is a common solution. Older children are encouraged to "use your words". Sometimes I will provide words for them. Anger and frustration are OK at daycare; hitting and breaking things are not OK. If a problem develops, I will handle it by making clear to the child that is a behavior, not the child himself that is unacceptable. Spanking and verbal ridicule will never be used. If behavior warrants it, I use a 1-minute"time out" rule. After this "cooling off" period we try to talk about the choices that are available. I will not humiliate children or expect them to behave "for me". I try to give a lot of sincere, positive comments on behavior. I take my position as role model seriously. Children are given choices that are real and only at times when I think they can be acted on. I don't like making decisions when I am frustrated, and I don't think children do either. I want the children to feel I care about them and will take care of things for them when they need me to.

I will adhere to discipline policies outlined in Rule 400.1804 of the Michigan Licensing Rules for Family Day Care Homes. All of the following methods of handling children in care are prohibited:
1. Physical force or any other form of corporal punishment, including spanking;
2. Restricting a child's movement by binding or tying him or her;
3. Using mental or emotional cruelty as a means to discipline a child;
4. Withholding necessary food, rest, or toilet use;
5. Confining a child in an area such as a closet or locked room.