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Parents’ Information Handbook

For Full-Time Care


Child’s Name:

Angela Keselman, Director

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3584 Galpin Drive

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1. Hours

  1. Country Peas hours of childcare are from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm, Monday through Friday.

  1. Full time childcare charges are based upon a prearranged set number of hours per week, i.e. 40, 45 or 50. Childcare exceeding the prearranged set number of hours is considered overtime and overtime charges will be implemented. Childcare time below the prearranged set number of hours will not result in a deduction payment.

  1. Overtime: Parents may pick up a child, without penalty, five (5) minutes after the prearranged time. If a parent, however, is late more than five (5) minutes on any one day, a late fee will be charged starting from the 6th minute, see – Section 2, Fees, area c.

2. Payment

  1. Full time childcare will be paid for on a weekly scale.

  1. Payment is due in full on first day of the week of childcare service. Charge for late payment is a one-time fee of $5.00 to be included with the amount owed for that week. If payment, including the late fee, is not received on or before the third day of childcare, admission will be denied until such payment is made.

  1. Overtime payments, by check or cash, are to be made on the same day overtime childcare service is provided and can be delivered to any member of the childcare staff.

  1. Returned checks will results in a fee equal to the bank charge. After two (2) returned checks, parents or guardians will be required to pay by cash or money order. After four (4) returned checks, Country Peas will have the option terminating the childcare contract without notice.

e. In the event of the emergency closing of Country Peas for reasons beyond its control, full childcare payment is expected for up to and including three days of closing. Emergency reasons for closing include severe weather conditions, loss of electricity, loss of water, fire damage, storm damage, disease outbreak or flooding.

f. If Country Peas and the parent/guardian reach an agreement in which the child will begin childcare services more than two weeks after the usual childcare start date, a deposit of one month’s childcare fees is required to hold the child’s spot. The one-month fee deposit will be accessed as payment for the last month of childcare services for the childcare contract. The deposit is non-refundable, and will be forfeited if the child does not join Country Peas.

3. Vacation - child

a. Children enrolled in Country Peas full time childcare service are permitted one (1) day vacation per two (2) months, with no fee accrued, up to a maximum of 6 vacation days per year. These vacation days cannot accrue from one contract year to the next.

b. Parents/guardians are required to give two (2) weeks notice prior to removing their child from the service for vacation time. Failure to do so will result in normal usage rates.

b. Country Peas will consider, on a case-by-case basis, granting a child up to six (6) advance vacation days. If the child is granted these advance vacation days and leaves prior to expiration of the contract, the parents/guardian are required to repay the number of advance vacation days taken over the amount of vacation days accrued.

c. Vacation days can only be used for the purposes of family vacations. They cannot be used as sick days.

d. Vacation days do not have to be consecutive.

4. Holidays

a. Although Country Peas will not provide childcare services on the observed holidays and holiday periods listed below, parents/guardians will be assessed childcare fees for these days.

Observed Holidays

Memorial Day

Independence Day

Labor Day

Rosh Hashanah

Yom Kippur

Thanksgivings Day & the day following Thanksgivings Day

Christmas Day through New Years Day

5. Food Service

a. Country Peas will provide the child breakfast, lunch, and one (1) snack each day. Please see Section 2, area g, for payment information.

b. Parent/guardian will agree for child to participate in the Children’s Nutritional Council Food Program.

c. Meals will be nutritionally balanced, choosing from the basic four (4) groups.

d. The parent/guardian is responsible for supplying a child’s formula.

6. Child Illness and Medications

a. Every child must have all up-to-date vaccinations completed prior to the first day of childcare. The parent/guardian must bring verification of these vaccinations prior to the first day of childcare service.

b. The Country Peas Director will be notified of any allergies, required medications, and physical, emotional or mental handicaps of the child.

c. The parent/guardian will provide all medication and/or special foods required for their child. The parent will sign a release giving Country Peas permission to administer the medication. All medications, prescribed and over-the-counter, must be in their original container, accompanied by a list of approximate times and amount to be administered to the child.

d. Parent/guardian must complete and sign the proper forms authorizing Country Peas to seek emergency medical care for the child. These forms must be completed prior to the first day of childcare service.

e. State law prohibits a licensed childcare service from providing care to a child ill with diarrhea, vomiting, fever or rashes. Consequently -

1. A parent/guardian is not permitted to bring the child to Country Peas if the child has a temperature of 100°F or above.

2. The child experiencing vomiting or diarrhea or who is suspected of having a communicable disease (other than a cold) may not attend Country Peas during the time of illness.

7. Release of Child

a. Each parent/guardian should submit a list containing the names of individuals who are authorized to pick up their child. This list will be maintained in the child’s file.

  1. Please notify Country Peas staff that an authorized person if someone other will be picking up your child.

  1. Country Peas staff will verify the identity of the person picking up the child via a picture ID.

8. Child Clothing

a. Diapers and wipes are to be provided by the parent /guardian.

b. The parent/guardian should bring, for each child, a bag, which includes the following items:

-Two extra pairs of training pants (for children being toilet-trained)

-Two changes of clothing (warm & cooler clothes as season dictates)

-A sweater, sweatshirt or jacket with hood/cap

-A swimsuit or clothing for water play in warmer weather

-At minimum, one bib

-The child’s favorite blanket/toy

c. Parent/guardian should use a permanent marker to designate all of the child’s possessions with his/her name or initials.

d. Country Peas disclaims responsibility for any damage to a child’s clothing or possessions that may occur while the child is in attendance at the service.

9. Probation

a. The Country Pease contract of childcare services contains a probationary period ensuing during the first two weeks of the childcare contract.

b. Either party can terminate childcare service during this two-week time period if the child does not adjust properly to Country Peas or if parent/guardian is not pleased with Country Peas childcare services.

10. Termination of Contract

  1. Country Peas or the parent/guardian have the right to terminate the childcare contract upon giving a signed, dated, written notice to the other party. Two weeks notice is required prior to termination of childcare services by either party - except during the first two-week trial period.
  2. If parent/guardian does not provide two weeks notice for termination of contract, then two weeks fee must still be paid.

  1. If parent/guardian wishes to terminate childcare services prior to the close of the two-week probationary period, the fee for this first two weeks must be paid.

  1. Failure to pay fees on timely basis is cause for immediate termination of contract by Country Peas. In such circumstances the two-week notification provision is waived.

11. Country Peas Policies and Contract Renewals

a. Country Peas reserves the right to change or cancel a policy (ies) contained in this Handbook at anytime. Two (2) weeks’ notice will be given prior to the application of changes applied.

b. Country Peas has the right to re-examine childcare contracts yearly to determine if a rate increase is necessary. At that time, day-to-day operation costs will be evaluated. A two (2) week notice will be given to the parent/guardian if a rate increase is to occur.

12. Inappropriate Parent Conduct

a. It is very important that the parent/guardians maintain professional and rational behavior on the premises of Country Peas, especially around the children. The following is list of actions or behaviors that may be grounds for child dismissal –

- Acts of violence, including assault and battery

- Harassment of or threats against the staff, other parents or children

- Drunkenness resulting in inappropriate behavior

- Possession of illegal substances or firearms

- Verbal or physical abuse of any child

- Profanity

- Indecent exposure

b. Any actions or behaviors on the part of the parent/guardian that are deemed inappropriate or dangerous will be handled on a case-by-case basis, but may lead to the immediate dismissal of the child from Country Peas.

c. If immediate dismissal is required, contract fees will not be refunded and the (2) two-week dismissal fee will be charged.

13. Equal Opportunity

a. Country Peas and its providers will not discriminate against any child on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, handicap or disability.

b. Country Peas administrative staff will assess the special needs of the child and decide, through objective criteria, whether it is able to adequately accommodate the child’s needs. Each child will be evaluated on an individual, case-by-case basis. If Country Peas determines it cannot adequately accommodate the child’s needs, the parent will be notified. All fees will be waived.

14. Changes

a. Any changes or additions to the policies of the Country Peas contract need not be accompanied by a contract re-signing. Changes or additions can be agreed to, and signed by both parties, on a separate form. This new form will be attached to the original form.

b. The altered contract form is binding for the duration of the calendar year.

15. Country Peas Provider Illness

a. Country Peas will notify the parent/guardian as soon as possible in case of caregiver illness(es) that do not allow the childcare service to remain open. It is wise that all parent/guardian have a back-up child care provider in case of such an emergency.

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