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Testimonials from Country Peas Parents:

Dear Parents,

Finding childcare for our daughter was one of the most difficult decisions my wife and I have made as a couple and especially as parents. Both of us have mothers who stayed home when we were growing up and the idea of sending our daughter to daycare almost felt like we were betraying her. We were nervous that she might not get adequate care, attention, or they might neglect to help her learn and grow. Through a recommendation our very first visit was to Country Peas, while we were very impressed with Angela, her impeccable record, and numerous certifications, we told her we had to check out other locations for our own peace of mind. She understood and told us she would hold the spot while we looked around (I think she knew we’d be back). After visiting more than a dozen places, we decided that Country Peas was the best option, although we were still very nervous about sending our daughter off to be taken care of by essentially “total strangers”. Fortunately it was one of the best decisions we ever made. Angela and the absolutely amazing staff that she has hired are wonderful; they are mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters, and teachers who truly care about children. Unlike other places we visited, the staff feels like family members, people who really love the kids and I know our daughter loves them too. The smaller setting makes for a much more intimate experience, where the kids of different ages interact and learn. At Country Peas our daughter has learned to help take care of the babies, share and play with kids her age, and developed her cognitive and social abilities by observing and learning from some of the older kids – just like being around a big family with lots of siblings. Because it is a smaller and more intimate setting our daughter isn’t lost in the shuffle, the staff knows her and her various idiosyncrasies. Country Peas has been a wonderful experience for our daughter and for us. It completely changed my views of what a daycare can be. I don’t know if our daughter will ever really appreciate the struggle we went through to try and find her the best daycare, but I know she will be better for it the rest of her life. Sincerely, Aaron E
(Phone number and email hidden for privacy. Please call us for release of this information.)


Dear Parents,

I would like to offer my sincerest recommendation of Country Peas Daycare and would encourage you to take it into highest consideration for your daycare needs. Angela and her team of excellent daycare professionals have made my children’s daycare experience one that is filled with love, kindness, support and fun. My two older boys attended Country Peas and my twins are there right now, all started around 12 weeks old and all absolutely flourished in their care.  

As a parent I can tell you that I have never had one moment of hesitation in bringing my children to Country Peas for care, their structured setting and loving guidance has helped them become a great sleepers, a good eaters and social, happy children. All the children made advancements in their motor skills, read lots of books and sang lots of songs, learned colors and shapes and letters and numbers, and they all loved to play with all of the other children at Country Peas. They were their first friends. Angela and her team are very attentive to parent’s input on their children and every day you get great feedback on how the day went and updates on anything important going on with your child. There are developmental check-ins with Angela, as well and a very collaborative environment with everyone there.

I recommended Country Peas to a friend, who also investigated quite a few daycare options, and she and her husband ALSO chose Country Peas because of the loving, warm supportive environment Angela and the team provide. 

Please feel free to contact me or my husband if you have any further questions about our experience at Country Peas. My mobile number is 313-XXX-XXXX. Sincerely, Jenny F
(Phone number and email hidden for privacy. Please call us for release of this information.)


Dear Parents,

It is with great pleasure that I share with you my experience of having my daughter in Country Peas Daycare. My daughter has been in Country Peas care, full-time, since September 2013 and I could not feel luckier to have Angela and the girls watching over my daughter.
My daughter began at Country Peas Daycare when she was a year old. She had previously been in the loving care of my mother and mother-in-law, so you can imagine my concern at having someone else care for my daughter. Finding a daycare was a very daunting task and one that took me to several different in-home and larger childcare centers. One of the main reasons I was drawn to Country Peas initially was its membership in the University of Michigan's Campus Child Care Homes Network. As part of membership in this group, the in-home care center must work to complete 40 training hours per calendar year (the state minimum is 10 hours). I also learned, upon visiting Country Peas, that they are accredited by the National Association of Family Child Care (NAFCC), which, to me, speaks highly to the dedication Angela has to providing the highest quality care for our daughter.
However, what really convinced me that Country Peas was the place for my daughter was ourfirst visit and interaction with Angela. As we sat and talked to Angela in our initial visit, she was the only caregiver who really took the time to talk to our daughter; she even picked her up and held her. None of the other potential caregivers made any attempt to connect with my daughter the way Angela did. My daughter took to Angela quite easily and l immediately felt Country Peas would be a positive environment for my daughter.
As a first time parent, I was very anxious to leave my daughter that first day at Country Peas; in fact, both my daughter and l were crying. Angela and the girls were so comforting and reassuring that everything would be just fine. They even told me that I could call as much and as often as I wanted to check in on Zia. Halfway home, I received a phone call from one of the girls letting me know that Zia was doing just fine and that she was adjusting really well to her new daycare.
It is going on six months in Country Peas Daycare and I am amazed at how much Zia has grown and developed. I really believe that she has benefitted from the Country Peas‘ philosophy that the parents and daycare form a partnership in raising the child. While she learns a great deal at home, at Country Peas, she also has the added benefits of experiencing daily structure and routines (such as nap time, community eating time, story time), learning to interact with other children at Country Peas, and experiencing some of the more formal educational customs that she will need to understand when she begins school (story time, art time, play time, etc.).
Angela and the girls have been wonderful with my daughter, even the times that she has fallen or cut her little finger, they have been sure to notify me right away that something has occurred and to reassure me that she is fine. And, if something happens that is out of the ordinary, Angela always follows up to make sure everything is OK. I know Zia can be handful at times (she is a bundle of endless energy) but they are always happy to see her and they never make it feel like taking care of Zia is a burden.
Country Peas has been a really great choice for our family, I hope you will find it is a good choice for your family as well. Please feel free to contact me should you have any other questions regarding our experience at Country Peas.
Kind Regards,

(Phone number and email hidden for privacy. Please call us for release of this information.)

Dear Prospective Parents,

| first heard about Country Peas Day care from my neighbor.  During my many conversations with them, I heard about their positive experiences with Country Peas and how completely satisfied and carefree they felt with their daughter going to Country peas. So when I was looking/considering day care for my daughter, it was but only natural to consider Country Peas.

After my first meeting with Angela and her staff, it was immediately obvious to me why my neighbor had been so upbeat about Country Peas. An engaging staff and a dedicated cook for the meals made it obvious that this place cared for kids and wasn’t just another day care business. At Country Peas cleanliness is valued. I found the kids areas and toys clean to my picky satisfaction. No obvious odors and good lighting were uplifting. We decided without much hesitation to enroll our daughter at Country Peas. My daughter instantly warmed up to Angela and the facility. Knowing that my daughter was very shy to new people and places, it was interesting to see how she took to the place on her very first day.  This definitely put me at ease. Another thing that stood out during our first meeting was how Angela was very eager to hear all about Anika. Prior to this, my experience with day cares had been one of non-stop sale pitches. With Angela it was quite the opposite. She was all about wanting to find out about Anika’s likes and dislikes. She was very flexible about pickup and drop-off times and was very accommodating to the idea of me spending as much time as needed in the day care with Anika until she (and I) got comfortable. Anika, the ever so picky eater, is now doing great with her meals under the persistent care and concern of Angela and her caring staff. The occasional sniffle or low grade fever is handled professionally and in a very understanding manner. Anika is learning and growing fast and we are all very thankful to Country peas for it.

Long story short, we have been very satisfied and I would highly recommend Country Peas to any one for their child care needs. If you would like to discuss further, please feel free to email or call
(Phone number and email hidden for privacy. Please call us for release of this information.)



Dear Parents,

We are pleased to share our experience with Country Peas with you.

Our son has been in their care four days per week since late January 2013. We could not be happier with our choice of daycare.

Our son began at Country Peas when he was 6 months old, following an unsuccessful stint in the infant room at a larger childcare center. Having had a less than positive experience there, we approached the second search with a sense of concern and urgency. We were drawn to Country Peas because of their membership in the University of Michigan’s Campus Child Care Homes Network — and the additional level of training that membership entails - and their impressively high staff to child ratio. More than anything else, however, Angela’s genuine affection for our son, even upon first meeting him, convinced us that Country Peas was the right place

From initial meeting, Angela put us at ease with her warmth and air of competence. Our previous daycare provider had struggled with our child’s need to be held and rocked to sleep. Angela, like us, took this as a given for a child his age rather than treating it as a problem. Where our previous daycare provider experienced difficulties bottle-feeding our son, Angela unhesitating told us “the baby will eat. If we need to, we will dropper-feed the baby.” We were confident from day one that Angela and her staff would do everything in their power to ensure that our child’s physical and emotional needs were being met. Through various minor illnesses, teething and other year adventures, though our child has not always eaten or slept well at Country Peas, we know it is not for lack of effort on Angela and her staff’s part.

As our son has grown, we have become increasingly appreciative of the learning environment at Country Peas. While we take responsibility for our child’s development at home, it is clear that he also benefits from the teaching — both formal and informal — that occurs at daycare. Through the near-daily ritual of watching the school bus arrive, Ilya added “bus” to his vocabulary. He also picked up on “bubbles” fairly early in the summer. And, somewhat to our chagrin, he took some his first steps at Country Peas.

It is clear to us that our son enjoys his days at Country Peas. He is excited to arrive in the morning and has a big smile — and often a hug — for whichever caregiver greets us. And they, in turn, have smiles and hugs for him. He has thrived in the mixed-age setting, learning to get along well with both older and younger children.

Country Peas has been a great fit for our family and we hope it will be for yours, too. If you have any questions about our experiences, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Elizabeth and Saul

Why I Chose Country Peas Group Daycare

We recently moved back to the area after several years of living in a state in which good day care is hard to find. I flew in ahead of time and did over 12 daycare interviews in 48 hours. I looked at centers, family daycare, and family group daycare, in a range of prices from $600/month-$1200/month for full-time older infant care.

I checked out every single daycare with the state database for violations, and asked directors questions about the more serious ones, I completed an interview sheet for each daycare, and knew the type of place my daughter would be happiest at.

What first attracted me to Country Peas was Angela's warmth, but also her frankness, She was the only provider who was able to clearly state her philosophy of care, and also communicated her passion for what small children need, I spent almost 2 hours talking with Angela after a long day of taking care of children (not so for the other daycare providers), and then came back the next day just to sit and watch the action.

All the children, from the very smallest to the very oldest are exposed to a variety of activities and all are included, as is age-appropriate. This may mean an 11 week old sitting on one of the daycare providers' laps watching the action, or a 2 year old doing an art project. All children are appreciated for their unique gifts, and activities are tailored to their individual developmental needs.
I was amazed with the range of activities and things to play with/experience, I was also impressed with the low staff turnover and high staff to infant ratio (1:3). Country Peas is voluntary member of the University of Michigan Family Homes network, which allows them access to ongoing training.

Impressively, they are one of the very few family daycares in the state of Michigan to recently achieve voluntary accreditation from the National Association for Family Daycare. This takes many hours, expense, and dedication. It is my understanding that accreditation is a very good indicator of daycare quality, but I discovered it is difficult to find.

Most importantly, as a full-time working mother, I knew I needed to find a place where my daughter could bond with her day care providers, would receive both structure and fun, and would be appreciated for her 'spiritedness,' as I had witnessed some daycare providers calling babies who prefer to sit quietly and play independently 'good babies/ while more active babies are perceived to be burdensome. All babies and children at Country Peas are regarded as unique, but equally valuable.

After all my searching, phone calls, Internet research for violations, etc. I knew the minute I met Angela and saw her center that it was right for Ella. This was such a relief that I became a bit tearful as I drove away.

Our experience at Country Peas Group Daycare

Our experience so far at Country Peas has far exceeded my expectations, and brought a great deal of peace to this first time Mom. The environment is always clean and welcoming. We are always greeted at the vestibule by one of the workers to help transition to 'daycare time.' In our house, we always joke that Ella gets bored at home because she thinks daycare is a 'non-stop baby party.' Yet still, fun is balanced by structure. Ella has learned many skills in just a few months of being there, and as new parents with no experience with babies, so have we. For example, we learned that Ella knows perfectly well how to place her sippy cup on the table instead of throwing it on the floor, because she learned this at daycare. We still think of her as our baby, so sometimes we forget how fast she learns in the right environment.

The final piece of the 'daycare puzzle' for our family was that I very much wanted a daycare that had staff who were not offended if I did not understand why something was done, or had a concern. Angela and her staff view taking care of children as a partnership, with, of course, the parent having the ultimate say. I never feel afraid to ask questions, and any suggestions are delivered in a direct, but non-threatening and gentle manner. We are always called if there is a concern, but are not called constantly for minor issues,
The best way I can describe Country Peas is deep relief that comes from being able to get my work done during work hours and know that Ella is happy, appropriately stimulated, safe, well-cared-for, and loved. This is a great gift that Country Peas gives to both children and parents.

Please feel free to call if you have further questions or concerns. I am happy to provide information. My home phone number is (Phone number hidden for privacy. Please call us for release of this number.)

Emily, M.S.W., Ph.D.

Dear Angela,

I suppose this day would have to come sooner or later, but I have never been able to imagine it and still cannot. You are the BEST!! I cannot even begin to describe how much you have done for our family. There is no one else I would want to take care of and nurture my children and no one could do it the way you do. I still remember meeting you for the first time and my sweet baby felt safe enough to leave my arms and play with your toys and then come over to hug you. Rob and I smiled at each other and we knew you were the one we felt safe with too.
Thank you Angela for everything and most of all for the love you've given our sons and us.

We love you,
Mitch, Milo, Traci and Rob

Dear Parents,

If our 2-year old were writing this letter he would say "Aiya's! MMEEEEEE" And they pretty much say it all.

If you are interested in more detail though, please read on. Country Peas is a place where our son can play, learn, draw pictures, garden, explore, sing, dance, jump in leaves and most importantly just be himself. When we were looking for a daycare it was necessary that we find a place that:
- provided stability with consistent caregivers instead of a continuous change in providers or classrooms.
- reflected diversity in the children and caregivers.
- served healthy foods and would support our own dietary preferences.
- would use our cloth diapers.
- incorporated loving structure and consistency.
- allowed for part- or full-time schedules.
- simply felt right.

We found all that and more with Angela at Country Peas. In tact, during our first visit our "watch for a while and take it all in” son actually left our side to interact with Angela and explore. We were stunned. As we looked at each other we knew we had found the right place.

What we had not counted on though was the most important thing -- the love, respect and joy Angela, Zina and Svetlana continuously show the children. They nurture their individual wants and needs, rather than herding them around all day. When there is a problem or someone is misbehaving. Angela sits on the couch with the kids and talks to them. We love this, as it is yet another example of the love and respect exhibited at Country Peas.

Furthermore, having over 30 years experience raising children. Angela has suggestions for any situation. She is willing to discuss whatever might arise, and respects your final decisions.

We truly feel our son could not he in a better or more supportive environment, and cannot speak more highly of Country Peas. Please don't hesitate to call if you would like more information.

Staci and Rob Russell
(Phone number hidden for privacy. Please call us for release of this number.)

Dear Parents,
I am writing this letter of recommendation for the Country Peas Day Care. We have our 2 year old daughter and our infant son enrolled in this center. We couldn't be more pleased with the wonderful care they have received from Angela Keselman and the rest of the staff.
When our daughter Miriya turned a year old, we decided to move her into a daycare that was closer to my husband's new job. We researched the area daycares thoroughly and performed many site visits. Our primary objective was to find a daycare setting that was sale and loving and would be a nurturing environment for our child.

I am very aware of the importance of child development in these early years and am extremely picky about daycare. I wanted to find for my daughter and son a place that would support them developmentally and in a manner that is consistent with my own philosophy on child rearing. Many of the daycares I visited had an impersonal institutionalized feeling that prompted me to look into home day care settings.

When we came across Country Peas it was immediately apparent that this was the type of place our children would thrive in. We felt very comfortable with the staff and confident in the safety of our children. The days are full of activities that provided enough structure to keep our active two year old busy and infant son entertained.

What struck me most about Country Peas was that they had abundant hugs, kisses and patience with the children among the staff. Miriya and Tomas clearly love going to daycare every morning and to me that is a key indicator that this was the right choice. I recommend Country Peas to any parent that is searching for a place that will give them peace of mind that their child is well cared for and stimulated to learn and grow. This is a safe environment that recognizes the needs of the different developmental stages of children. And most importantly it is a loving nurturing environment.

I would be happy to answer any questions to parents considering Country Peas for their child.

Shelagh Saenz
(Phone number hidden for privacy. Please call us for release of this number.)

Dear Parents,
It is with unbounded enthusiasm that I recommend the Country Peas Day Care facility. This is a home-based daycare that is run under the loving care of Angela Keselman. A friend whose child had never been enrolled in the facility recommended this day care to me. They relocated to the state of Washington before their term began but nevertheless, they were so impressed with the facility that they were comfortable in praising the center. To support this, after my first visit to meet with Angela, my search was over. Angela is someone whose love of children has no constraints and this quality is an integral part of who she is. She has an ingrained ability to sense what a child needs and is very patient in allowing the child to become comfortable with new surroundings. My son was two years old when he started and had previously been at home with his grandmother. Therefore, it was important to me that the daycare be an extension of a home environment and not like an institution. Country Peas is in Angela's home and it feels so much like home that my son did not want to leave after his first visit; this has continued each day we pick him up — he smiles at me when I come to the center and then promptly runs off to play with another tog. I frequently linger for 20 minutes chatting easily with Angela and her colleagues while my son continues to play.

Each day is highly organized, providing the necessary structure small children need but cleverly disguised within an envelope of loving support and run. The group is small allowing a large amount of attention to be lavished upon each child. Angela's colleagues Svetlana, Zina and more recently, Gloria, are all very attentive and caring. The management of the center is seamless, as any of them will know how my son is doing when I call during the day.

Arts, crafts, counting and reading are among the activities each day. When the weather is agreeable, they play outside in the back yard. Additionally, the children are encouraged to and work very well together. This is evident, as my son at home, will frequently asks for the other children by name. Driving to the daycare each morning is a pleasure as he is so excited to see his friends again. Smiling faces abound; other parents are cheerful and friendly, their children are very playful with me when I come and they rush to the door welcoming my son when he arrives in the morning. It is without exaggeration when I say that I can get my work done during the day as my mind is at rest knowing my son is in the capable hands of Angela Keselman and her colleagues.

(Phone number hidden for privacy. Please call us for release of this number.)